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We deliver high quality services through highly skilled technical consultants, providing the type of flexibility that ensures projects run smoothly.

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Alkan Mobile

Power From Manufacturing

1959. Even the longest journeys start with a small step

ALKAN Bodyworks started its activities in 1959 with the production of agricultural trailers

1979. If you take advantage of the experience wisely, nothing is a waste of time.

ALKAN produced the first Turkish trailer that could be opened with hydraulic dampers to the right, left and rear.

1999. Self-renewal is the first condition of continuous existence.

ALKAN achieved the first and high quality in the market with the vacuum press panel that was imported from Europe.

2009. Success on the path to civilization depends on innovation.

It took its place in the health and defense industry as a leader company in the sector since 2010

2019. You have two options in the world of competition. Lose. Or if you want to win, you change.

In order to keep up with the mobile world, we offer high-tech mobile solutions to the world’s leading companies, international organizations and public institutions.