Alkan Group’s Mobile Kitchen Vehicle Trailer for the Turkish Red Crescent distributes Hot Meals in Afrin.

The food produced by Red Crescent cooks in the Turkish Red Crescent Mobile Kitchen vehicle trailer established in Afrin’s city square has been an important support to citizens who have been fighting for their lives for a long time under the pressure of terrorism.

mobil mutfak afrin

The first food distribution from mobile kitchen vehicle trailer was made by Red Crescent Chairman Dr. Kerem Kınık, Vice President Naci Yorulmaz, General Manager Dr. Ibrahim Altan and Deputy General Manager Alper Küçük. Celal Al, who we know as Abdurrahman Alp in The Resurrection Ertugrul series, also supported this important work.

10,000 meals a day

Stating that the needs of the people of the region have been identified and the urgent needs are delivered to the region immediately, Chairman Kizilk said, “The Red Crescent and other non-governmental organizations have launched a mobilization in the region under the coordination of AFAD. As The Red Crescent, we have launched mobile cuisine. Right now, we’re producing and distributing 5,000 meals at a time. We will double production as soon as possible.”

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