100 Mobile PTT ATM Bank Vehicles developed jointly by Alkan Group and Postal and Telegraph Organization Corporation were produced to serve all over Turkey under all conditions.

mobil ptt araci

Postal and Telegraph Organization Corporation (PTT Inc.), which has approximately 4,500 businesses throughout Turkey, is expanding its widely available network with mobile vehicles. PTT, mobile vehicles in areas such as mail, cargo, banking, such as quality service takes the citizens all over our country.

PTT officials, “Mobile ATM Bank vehicles, where we do not have workplaces, urgently needed places, earthquakes, floods, such as natural disaster situations, fairs, openings, national or international demonstrations and meetings, remote industrial zones from the city center, border areas to meet the social rights of refugees on site, and the universal postal service in the settlements defined within the scope of universal postal services, our company provides faster and more effective delivery of our services,” he said.


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